Web Design

Cheval Noir Media takes an integrated approach in designing your  website exactly the way you request. Starting with a free consultation, we encourage you to be as involved with the development of the site through each major step in it’s design. We want you to fall in love with the finished product, and we know that communication is key to providing this result.

Whether you need a single page website to act as a digital flyer, or you need to drive the online sales of your products and/or services with an eCommerce web app using product and user databases…we have got you covered. We utilize our network of specialists in the following online technologies to provide you with truly comprehensive service:

- .NET- SQL server- mySQL
- AJAX- Jquery- MVC3
- LINQ - Oracle- Javascript
- Flash- CMS- More...

We also offer the following services in conjunction with the design of your website:

  • Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM)
  • Web Hosting / Email Hosting
  • Continue Web Design Support and Website Maintenance
  • Consultation

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an integral part of modern media. In the digital world, graphic design is tantamount for web design and mobile application design. In print, there are countless items that quality design is essential for…from business cards to billboards. We have experience in all types of graphic design, and we are here to guide you and help shape your visions and desires into the visual creations you need.

Quality graphic design is crucial when you are creating:

  • Application interfaces
  • Logos
  • Websites with visually intensive elements
  • Advertisements

Please contact us through the link above, and let’s discuss what you are looking for.


Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM) - two of the most important advertising considerations of a company attempting to gain and maintain a web presence. What is the value of SEO and SEM? It’s very simple…When you are searching for a website regarding information on a product or service, you typically use a search engine to do so. When you search on a term (or set of search terms) in a search engine, the search engine generates results based on its assessment of which website are most relevant to whatever you searched on. It assesses the relevancy based on several factors. Many of these factors can be adjusted to INCREASE the relevancy of your website, for various search terms.

So, again, what is the value? The benefit of having your website optimized for search engines is that you appear higher in the listings returned by search engines…making it more likely that the person searching will click on the link to your website (because no one goes to page 12 of the results, unless they are really very desperate) and thereby, be introduced to you.

Search Engine Marketing is the other side of this new type of advertising. SEM allows you to buy spaces at the top of the results for various search terms, at a given rate. This can be a useful tactic in quickly getting your name out. It’s typically less effective per search in resulting in a click-through, however.

We employ a two part strategy, utilizing both SEO and SEM to provide you with both immediate and lasting search engine results.

Contact us using the link above, and we will be happy to discuss a strategy for optimizing your website.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development can be a confusing and intimidating proposition. We are here to guide you through the uncharted waters of this relatively new landscape. We have developers that develop in both Apple iOS (iPhone Apps) and Android OS (Android Apps) and no project is too big or too small.


Whether you want to develop an app that is essentially a mobile version of your website, an app that is similar to one that currently exists, or you have a new idea that has never been done before…our programmers are up for the task. Under the strictest of confidence, we will help you bring your app to life. Our developers have helpful insights on how to make your app work to its fullest potential. We will also offer you ideas on how you could improve upon your original concept, if you so desire.


Contact us through the link above, and we will be happy to begin working with you.